Hi Iím JK

I have played bass and rhythm guitar in pop/rock/indie/motown/function bands on and off since the early 70ís.

During my band playing years, always striving for the perfect sound, I bought and sold many guitars, basses and amps. I also built "hundreds" of speaker cabinets and rack boxes in all shapes and sizes for pa, guitar and bass. I pride myself on never owning a shop bought speaker cabinet!

In 2005 I realised a long time ambition of building my own guitar and bass. Since then my "luthier" learning curve has been immense but hugely rewarding. Ten years and twenty five guitars later and partly due to my health situation, I have decided to "hang up" my luthier tools although I continue to play in bands.

I am also happy to carry out set-ups and fret dressing for local guitarists for a small fee.

All my guitars are made with excellent quality materials and components and to the best of my wood working capabilities. I am not currently selling any of my remaining guitars but if the "price is right" on a couple of them I may be tempted to let them go. 
Please get in touch by calling me direct or through the website "contact page" if you would like any more information, could be tempted to own a unique "JK" guitar or bass or just want to chat about guitars.

Many thanks for your interest.
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